Man Of Steel’s General Zod Is Still Threatening Earth In New Viral Clip


Superman, freshly repurposed and redeployed in the much grittier upcoming Christopher Nolan-produced Man of Steel, has been living it up as of late. Fresh off the back of the news that the new film will not feature Kryptonite, he’s been taking it easy – leaving his cape on for days without washing it, not even styling that little curl he usually has in his fringe – but now it seems like things have been getting a little bit on top of him.

General Zod, who is apparently a big fan of movies and has a YouTube account under the name of WarnerBrosPictures, has uploaded an extremely threatening video. After multiple attempts to have it flagged as innappropriate, and calls to the police, nobody seems interested in General Zod’s threats and his possible links to Warner Bros.

See for yourself below:

Chilling, I think you’ll agree. Superman really needs to get his act together – only a few days ago, General Zod was able to erect a giant billboard, printed in Kryptonian. How does he have the funds for such an act? Is it his cronies at Warner Bros. and their terrorist schemes? Is it an act of revenge for the lack of interest in a new Animaniacs movie?

In the video, General Zod speaks as if Superman has illegally escaped from some kind of military prison – his exact words are “return the individual to my custody.” But if Superman arrived on Earth as a baby, how can he have been a prisoner? Is the grittiness of Man of Steel demonstrated through the presence of space baby military prisons?

Typically, Zack Snyder was unavailable for comment. Perhaps because he was manning his own baby military prison? Only time will tell. Man of Steel is released on June 14th in the United States. Please, America, warn the rest of the world of Snyder’s baby prisons. It’s your duty.

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