Marc Forster’s All I See Is You Gains Blake Lively And Jason Clarke


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Having helmed the giant box office success of World War Z, the next big screen adventure for director Marc Forster is set to be something a little smaller, with independent film All I See Is You scheduled as his upcoming project. Characterized as a psychological thriller, the script has been written by Forster and Sean Conway (Ray Donovan), and has now attracted Blake Lively and Jason Clarke for the lead roles.

The film centres on a married couple – played by Lively and Clarke. The wife of the pair is visually impaired, but when her sight is restored, she and her husband begin to spot a variety of disturbing things about each other, themselves, their relationship and the life they built together.

Writer-director Marc Forster detailed his excitement to Variety in a recent statement:

“Blake is an amazing actress with a huge onscreen presence, who I know will bring enormous talent to the role, and Jason is captivating, strong and fearless in his work. It is inspiring to me as a filmmaker to get the opportunity to work with the both of them.”

While plot details beyond this basic premise are not yet available, the nature of the film’s concept is intriguing to say the least. It seems to venture back into the more female-centric storytelling of Forster’s earlier work (Everything Put Together), and the more psychologically challenging fare of 2005’s Stay.

There is, as yet, no indication as to when cameras will roll on All I See Is You, but with the two leads in place, the independent production should progress soon.

Source: Variety

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