Marc Webb Somewhat Explains The Amazing Spider-Man Post-Credits Scene


The mysterious scene following the credits of The Amazing Spider Man has been the topic of much speculation since the film’s release. The clip seemed to explain very little, especially in comparison to similar scenes in other Marvel films.

Luckily, The Huffington Post was just as curious as moviegoers and they decided to ask director Marc Webb about his intentions with the scene and whether or not the shadow-cloaked man that Dr. Curt Connors speaks to is actually Norman Osborn.

Although Osborn is never actually seen during the movie, his presence is felt throughout. Webb said that was a definite calculated decision:

“Well, Norman Osborn, if you think about the universe of Spider-Man, he plays a huge role. And I like this idea that Oscorp is this Tower of Babel. And every crazy thing in this universe somehow relates to Oscorp. That was part of the foundation and one of our early discussions about the film — with [screenwriter] James Vanderbilt in particular. You know, we wanted to fill out the world… I wanted to create a world that referred to things from the comics that you felt like there was something more detailed. That there were more things to uncover.”

Webb did, however, decline to comment on whether or not the mystery figure was Osborn:

“It’s intentionally mysterious. And I invite speculation.”

With the lingering question of who the man was, along with what he meant when asking if Connors told Peter the truth about his father, Webb will certainly have the speculation he invites.

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