Marc Webb Talks Avengers Crossover And Possible Spider-Woman Appearance

The Amazing Spider-Man hasn’t even hit the big screen, yet director Marc Webb has no problem sharing his thoughts on a possible Spider-Man/Avengers crossover, and even an appearance by Spider-Woman.

Entertainment Weekly recently spoke with Webb, who said that a crossover with The Avengers universe would be fun, though it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

“It certainly would be fun. I can’t deny that, but there are all these twists in Spider-Man. There’s a lot to explore before that would probably happen.”

It’s less likely that we’ll see Spidey swinging into The Avengers based solely on the fact that the rights to Spider-Man belong with Sony, and the heroes that make up Marvel Cinematic Universe (Thor, The Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, etc.) belong to Disney.

If you really think about it though, putting the web slinger with ‘earth’s mightiest heroes’ would be the most beneficial move for both Sony and Disney. Both Spider-Man and the Avengers are huge names at the box office and it would be a smart move for both studios, which makes me wonder why it hasn’t happened yet.

Furthermore, Webb gave a little chuckle at the idea of Spider-Woman being thrown the mix.

“You never know, I don’t even know if I’d direct it, but I’d certainly see it.”

That seems like a cool idea, Spider-Woman. I mean she has been a fan favourite in The New Avengers series, and I think bringing her to the big screen could work out well.

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