Marc Webb Tweets Curious New Teaser Photo For The Amazing Spider-Man 2

With filming underway on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and casting news still rolling in, like Paul Giamatti and Felicity Jones recently signing on, we really can’t tell where this Andrew Garfield led sequel is truly heading. It looks like multiple baddies are now in play with Giamatti reportedly portraying The Rhino to accompany Jaime Foxx’s Electro, but director Marc Webb is looking to rile up his rumor-hungry fans with an exclusive picture thay people everywhere are debating.

Yes, taking to the all-powerful social media fire-started known as Twitter, Webb sent out the following tweet:

The boys over at Comic Book Movie posted the story and asked their readers about the cold metal drawer, which to me looked like a morgue corpse locker at first glance. If this is true, could we be looking at the final resting place of Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy?

But admittedly not a superhero-type comic book reader, I did some digging and found the following picture straight from the Spider-Man comics:

Now, that looks awful close to the picture as well, doesn’t it? If this were the case, and photographic evidence indicates there’s a 90% shot it is, then we’re looking at the locker which is holding the Venom Symbiote which takes over Eddie Brock. That’s right fans, get those possibility wheels spinning.

Realistically though, if this is our first interaction with Venom, chances are we’ll only get a tease in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, because as already noted, we’re looking at a supervillain duo of Electro and Rhino, and I doubt there’s any room left for such a big name Spider-Man enemy like Venom to have his own arc. No one says this can’t be a set up for The Amazing Spider-Man 3 though!

But what about the number 14, does that have any significance? Of course it does, otherwise Marc Webb wouldn’t be messing with us!

As per a slew of fanboys overanalyzed the crap out of Webb’s picture, I’ve come to learn The Green Goblin is introduced in issue number #14 of Amazing Spider-Man, and Dane DeHaan has already been cast as Harry Osborn, so many conspirators are suggesting DeHaan will take to his explosive-throwing ways and be the one to kill Gwen Stacy. Don’t buy into this idea too much though, because Harry is one of Peter’s first true friends, and having not been introduced into Webb’s world yet, I expect The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to focus on their friendship – not their rivalry.

Either way, whether this picture is teasing Gwen’s death, Venom’s presence, or Harry’s transformation into the Green Goblin – Webb seriously knows how to get his followers excited for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It’s like throwing chum into a pool of sharks, as Webb watches brilliantly as one little picture is spread across the internet like wildfire. But hell, it works, I’m reporting it, no?

So what do you guys think, which explanation seems most logical? Take to the comments and join our discussion!