Marisa Tomei And Hugh Grant Sign On For Untitled Marc Lawrence Rom-Com

If you’re even vaguely familiar with the feeling of being around something utterly average in every way, chances are you caught Marc Lawrence‘s rom-com Two Weeks Notice, which just about scraped the barrel (and then used the barrel itself because it had been scraped enough) when it came to employing all the genre’s annoying cliches.

Well, Hugh Grant, who took centre stage for such mediocre affairs, is set to re-join director Marc Lawrence for another rom-com, yet untitled. And the lovely Marisa Tomei is set to join him (and to presumably have sex with him at some point, because that’s what you’ll pay to see).

Described as one of those stories about a Hollywood big shot who used to be good and is now not so good, Hugh Grant will play an Oscar-winning screenwriter who, many years later, finds himself washed up, divorced and probably sporting a beard of some kind that he will eventually shave off when things start going a bit better for him. Grant’s character eventually agrees to teach a screenwriting course at a college, where he meets Marisa Tomei who will (of course) play a single mom who has gone back to school. Basically, it’s that plot you’ve seen a whole bunch of times.

Surely, then, Hugh Grant will bring a droll, sardonic Britishness to the whole affair, much as he always does in all those films he’s ever acted in. Tomei, on the other hand, will do much of the single mom schtick we’ve become so accustomed to, assuring that this project gets an added freshness rarely seen in rom-coms these days (sarcasm). Basically, if this thing doesn’t get made, we can at least feel like we’ve seen it before. Because we have. Loads of times.

What do you think? Do Hugh Grant and Marisa Tomei have what it takes to pull Marc Lawrence out of this probable sea of mediocrity?

Source: The Film Stage

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