Marisa Tomei told her therapist how Spider-Man: No Way Home ends

spider-man no way home ending
Image: Marvel / Sony

Spider-Man: No Way Home launches in just under a fortnight, giving fans all the answers they have been clamoring for. But through all the spoilers, rumors, leaks, and fanfiction the most notable rumor so far: wondering who dies in No Way Home.

Marisa Tomei, widely known as Aunt May in the most recent trilogy, has spilled some interesting details. In a recent interview with BacksatgeOl, Tomei confessed that she had told someone the ending of Spider-Man — her therapist.

As everyone knows the Marvel films are kept under strict lock and key from pre-production and all the way until release, but that never stops fans from finding any clue they can.

With the leak of No Way Home’s soundtrack, many have noted that there are quite a few tracks that allude to a sad scene for Peter Parker. Some have taken that to mean that Happy Hogan will meet his demise, but with the new interview, fans are speculating that it may be Aunt May instead.

Image via Marvel

Regardless, with another trilogy of Spider-Man in development it can be assumed that Peter will face a whole new world without someone he loves by his side. Spider-Man: No Way Home releases December 16.