Mark Duplass Explains Plans For A Creep Trilogy



One of the more hotly anticipated releases this year will be Mark Duplass and Patrick Brice’s film Creep, which garnered a pretty solid response at SXSW back in March. The film still doesn’t have a wide release date, but its success was strong enough to launch a call for a full Creep trilogy as a collaboration between RADiUS-TWC, the Duplass Brothers, and Blumhouse Productions.

Creep features director Brice in the lead as Aaron, a young man who answers an ad for “film services” and meets weird gentleman Josef (Duplass), who hires Aaron to film his life documentary-style. Unsurprisingly, things are not quite as they seem and Josef is not the harmless man he initially appears to be.

Talking to Collider, Duplass revealed his intentions to start production on the second Creep film later this year, shooting for a release date sometime in 2015.

“Mhmm. Ah, yeah, I’m gonna be shooting the second Creep film at the end of the year and the cast will be revealed soon … I’m really excited about it because there’s a good chance that all three of them will release next year. We’re gonna try to line them all up.”

Given the positive word of mouth surrounding the first Creep, Duplass and Brice are in a good position to push the full trilogy. Some of their success will of course have to do with how the film is received by the wider public. There have been instances of festival darlings not quite making their mark on general theatrical audiences. However, Creep does seem to be one of those lower-budgeted films that will easily make back its production costs. It does sound like the sequels are planned, and not merely afterthoughts, which often plagues successful first movies.

We still have to wait on word for the first Creeps release date, but I can honestly say that I’m excited for this film. Whether or not that can be stretched to include two more sequels remains to be determined.

Source: Collider

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