Mark Hamill and Billie Lourd honor Carrie Fisher on the anniversary of her passing


On Monday, Mark Hamill took time to remember his close friend and Star Wars co-star Carrie Fisher on the anniversary of her passing. Fisher and Hamill were siblings in the Star Wars realm and grew to be like family off-screen, too.

Carrie Fisher passed away on Dec. 27, 2016, and fans joined Hamill in taking to social media on the fifth anniversary of her death to share what they loved most about her.

Hamill’s tweet was a simple and sweet one; sharing an image from the closing credits of The Last Jedi, he honored “Our Princess.”

The Last Jedi marked Fisher’s last appearance as Princess Leia. Fisher passed away before The Last Jedi‘s premiere, but her appearance in the film became a full-circle moment not just for her character, but also for those who loved her on and off the set.

Billie Lourd, Fisher’s only child, also shared a sweet tribute to her mother on Instagram and gave fans an authentic look at grief. She says she’s asked a lot about her stages of grieving, and the truth is — they change as the moments pass by. One moment might be okay while another is heartwrenching, and it’s not uncommon for those moments to happen within a single day — or even a single hour.

Fisher’s legacy will live on through those who love and adore her and through her countless contributions to the entertainment industry.