Mark Hamill Wants Carrie Fisher To Replace Donald Trump On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame


Mark Hamill’s devoted and ongoing tributes to the late great Carrie Fisher have taken a more political turn.

The Star Wars legend has been a vocal advocate for Fisher’s placement along the Hollywood Walk of Fame since her untimely death in 2016. But Hamill’s most recent campaign involves removing a star he – and a whole lot of people – doesn’t think looks so appropriate anymore.

And that’s the block of concrete commemorating Donald Trump, the former Apprentice host and current President of the United States. While I won’t go into my own opinions on that matter, there are plenty, including Hamill, as well as a countless number of other celebrities, who’ve made their’s clear.

The actor’s most recent display of distaste presented itself when the chairman of The Democratic Coalition, Jon Cooper, asked his Twitter followers what the Don should get for his 73rd birthday – which is actually today. Hamill was amongst the thousands of people to respond.

“I’d have his Walk of Fame Star updated & corrected, or even better, replace his with someone who actually deserves one.”

The hardly subtle gift proposal included a photoshopped picture of Trump’s star with the word “traitor” embroidered onto it. And as for the “someone who actually deserves one,” that title of course belongs to Fisher.

While it’s unlikely that’ll ever actually happen, this isn’t the first time people have brought up the idea. During Trump’s presidency, the star’s experienced several forms of vandalism. They range in their creativity, with the more extravagant ones including a golden toilet placed on top of it, as well as a makeshift border designed around it. And the more blunt ones include an actual removal of the star, as well as that time in 2017 when a man took a pickaxe and completely obliterated it.

As for what Star Wars fans can do, the Galaxy Edge attraction just opened at Disneyland. If you’re so inclined, be creative and take a stab at it with your own, custom made lightsaber!

Source: Twitter