Mark Hamill Celebrates Twitter Milestone Before Trolling His Fans Again


The Twitter account of Mark Hamill may not be the source of Star Wars: Episode IX intel that some fans apparently wish it was, but the star’s social media game has still proven strong enough to net him an impressive 3 million followers.

After passing this major milestone, the Luke Skywalker actor marked the moment with a tweet challenging himself to do even better:

“Very exciting to realize I only have to gain 103+ Million more to match @katyperry!!!


As it stands, Katy Perry just beats out Justin Bieber and Barack Obama as the most followed Twitter user, with a total that sits slightly below the 107 million mark. Clearly, Hamill has a long way to go, but 3 million is still an impressive figure that can probably be credited in part to his mischievous online presence. For a recent example, one of Hamill’s fans responded to the above tweet by asking if he’d like to celebrate getting to 3 million by revealing the official Episode IX title, prompting the actor to answer:

“Episode IX: A Bunch More Stuff Happens”

This is just the latest in a long line of fake titles that Hamill has provided to his curious followers, most of whom are well aware by now that he won’t be giving them with any genuine details on the upcoming trilogy-closer. Similarly, the actor has teased an Episode IX trailer on multiple occasions, only to post photos of storage trailers.

Evidently, Hamill has no interest in spilling the beans on Star Wars: Episode IX, and given the intense spoiler security tactics being enforced over at Lucasfilm, you can hardly blame him. Nonetheless, all will be revealed when the film hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.

Source: Twitter

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