Mark Hamill Hilariously Confirms Luke’s Star Wars Fate


This guy is simply determined to not give up his reign as the funniest Jedi in the galaxy! Unlike other political figures and celebrities, Mark Hamill’s Twitter account never fails to disappoint and make us laugh.

His latest chuckle-inducing tweet was in reply to a fan’s fun little theory about Luke Skywalker’s true fate in the upcoming (possible) conclusion to the Star Wars space opera, which you can see below:

Mark took it and ran, and now we have another fan theory that’s just about as funny as the ‘Ant-Man In Thanos’ Butt’ meme.

#FinallyPickingUpThosePowerConverters. Brilliant.

After telling Owen Lars about his prior plans, the moisture farmer told Luke he could go spend time with his friends after his chores were done. If time travel were a part of the Star Wars universe, that might actually lead to a decent plot twist. Luke dies, becomes a force ghost, helps defeat Kylo Ren (or bring him back from the dark side), goes back in time and finally gets those power converters. Going to Tosche Station would prevent him from joining the Rebel Alliance and bam – history rewritten.

I have to admit, I jumped a little when I read that Mark Hamill confirmed Luke’s fate, but just a little. After all, the actor loves to ham it up on his Twitter account and there’s no way he’s going to slow down. Especially given that The Rise of Skywalker won’t be here until December.

Remember when he channeled his inner Yoda?

And more recently, he “confirmed” who was laughing at the end of the new Star Wars trailer, tweeting the following:

He really Mauls it when it comes to dad jokes, too.

Tell us, are you excited to see if Luke finally gets those power converters in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker? Head to the comments section down below to share your thoughts.

Source: Twitter

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