Mark Hamill Finally Debunks That Really Old Star Wars Rumor

Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi

Though Luke Skywalker is just a few months away from making his supposed final appearance in the Star Wars franchise, it seems that Mark Hamill is still having to debunk old rumors about his very first outing in the series.

In a recent tweet, the star of the new Child’s Play reboot responded to a message from a fan, who asked Hamill if he really did call Carrie Fisher by her actual name in a scene from 1977’s A New Hope. According to Hamill, this claim is little more than a long-refuted myth:

“No matter how often this is debunked-it still comes back. The entire scene was dubbed. I said ‘There she…’- as in ‘There she (is)’ when I saw her. George [Lucas] would never have allowed me to say ‘Carrie’ even if I wanted to as a joke, which I didn’t. It makes no sense. #FalseStory”

In the replies, another fan pointed out that director George Lucas did allow the famous shot of a Stormtrooper banging his head against a door to make it into the final cut, to which Hamill responded:

“He probably noticed it when it was too late to reshoot it. Even so, it was natural in the context of the chaos in the scene, unlike me accidentally calling the Princess ‘Carrie.’”

Hamill has made a habit of shooting down old rumors via Twitter, but once The Rise of Skywalker comes out later this year, the actor needn’t concern himself with anything Star Wars-related unless he so chooses. So far, we only have the vaguest details about Luke Skywalker’s final outing, though for what it’s worth, Hamill seemingly confirmed just last month that he’ll be appearing as a Force Ghost.

As for Carrie Fisher, The Rise of Skywalker is also expected to serve as Leia Organa’s swan song in the series. The late actress will reportedly appear via unused footage from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi, and will apparently have some screen time opposite her daughter Billie Lourd.

We’ll find out just how J.J. Abrams hopes to conclude the decades-spanning journeys of Luke and Leia when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters on December 20th.