Mark Hamill Interested In Playing Doctor Octopus In The Marvel Cinematic Universe


I’ve always felt that Mark Hamill is a sorely underrated actor. Sure, Luke Skywalker in the Original Trilogy didn’t get the most iconic lines, but he’s the glue that holds the whole narrative together. Fortunately, Rian Johnson gave him an ample opportunity to prove how great he was with The Last Jedi, weaving in a ton of complexity and conflict to the role that Hamill performed beautifully.

Of course, true Hamill aficionados won’t be too surprised, as they’ll know that he’s been the go-to voice for the Joker across the DC Animated Universe and the Arkham series of video games. Now, fans are murmuring about whether he should step into the eight boots of another comic book villain: Doctor Octopus.

Writer Anthony King floated the idea on Twitter, saying, “The more I think about it, the more I like the idea of @HamillHimself playing Doc Ock in the MCU.” Now usually, this bit of fantasy casting would be nothing more than idle speculation, but this particular Tweet was liked by Hamill. It’s a tiny thing, sure, but it at least indicates that he wouldn’t say no to the role.

And who knows, with Spider-Man: Homecoming being such a hit, Sony and Marvel Studios are surely already thinking about which villains they want to introduce into the MCU and Doc Ock is warmly remembered due to Alfred Molina’s excellent performance in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man 2. It wouldn’t even be the first time Hamill has played a larger-than-life comic book antagonist on the big screen, either. I mean, who could forget his uh, memorable, performance as Cock Knocker in 2001’s Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back?

What do you guys think, though? Should Doctor Octopus and other classic Spider-Man villains make their long-awaited Marvel Cinematic Universe debut? If so, is Hamill the actor you’d pick for the role? I think he’d be great and deliver a committed, memorable slice of over the top villainy, but as always, let us know in the comments section down below.