Mark Hamill Teases Luke Skywalker’s Return In Star Wars: Episode IX

Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi

As anyone familiar with the actor’s frequent Twitter trolling can tell you, Mark Hamill isn’t about to cave to fan demands for Star Wars: Episode IX material. But in a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the star seemed to let the smallest bit of info slip.

While discussing the magnificent beard he wore on the set of Knightfall, Hamill alluded to another project he was working on that required him to keep his own natural facial hair:

“They glued the beard on over my own beard. I had to keep the beard for something else.”

Looking at Hamill’s upcoming projects, the next Star Wars movie certainly seems like the best guess for what that “something else” could be, though when Kimmel quizzed him further on the matter, the actor said the following with a wink:

“Well it’s NDA; that’s non-disclosure agreement. Don’t quote me.”

Hamill previously opened up about Lusasfilm’s intense spoiler security tactics in an interview with Entertainment Weekly last December, in which he compared the secrecy of the job to working for the CIA. The star went on to explain that he wasn’t allowed to keep the Episode IX script overnight, and was only briefly given it to read while someone at Disney waited with him. By contrast, Hamill recalled how he was allowed to show the script for the original 1977 Star Wars to all his friends because “back then nobody cared.”

Clearly the times have changed, and that goes especially for the content of this ongoing space saga, which is currently seeing a passing of the torch between generations. But before Hamill makes his exit from the franchise, we’ll find out how the late Luke Skywalker helps bring the Sequel Trilogy to a close when Star Wars: Episode IX hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.