Mark Hamill has laugh at hilarious Spider-Man tissue box

Mark Hamill

Twitter is a space where arguments and insanity usually reign, but occasionally great users like Mark Hamill brighten up the site, and the Star Wars actor just did so yesterday with his amusing take on a Spider-Man branded tissue box.

Hamill posted the above in response to an image since-deleted late in the evening yesterday. Fans quickly noted that the context of what he meant had become unavailable, before he ultimately tracked down the image and posted it again.

Upon seeing what he meant, replies shaped quickly around a central theme, and users shared a number of other inadvertently-inappropriate images. One had a person bending down in front of a painting of Superman on a wall, another praised Hamill for being awesome online, and at least one fan was impressed with the original image’s accurate take on spider physiology.

“To be fair @HamillHimself, if Spider-Man was to be more accurate to a spider, this is how he would/should look when shooting his web out lol.”

-Fozzy Trooper (@TrooperFozzy) March 07, 2022

This could add a whole new definition to Tom Holland’s “Peter tingle” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Or, it could signify that the character will become a giant spider, as has happened in the comics over the years, and in the earlier animated series. That, or this is some extremely sly commentary on Tobey Maguire’s Peter’s biological abilities within his universe.