Mark Hamill Shares Hilarious Story About His Star Wars: The Last Jedi Cameo


When people think of Mark Hamill in the Star Wars universe, they think of Luke Skywalker. And it makes sense, given that the entire nine-episode saga, which George Lucas first crafted over forty years ago, begins and ends with Luke’s story.

But what some people may not have realized is that the legendary actor’s brought some of his trademark voiceover work to the franchise as well. In the highly controversial Star Wars: The Last Jedi, there’s a scene on Canto Bright where BB-8 gets mistaken for a slot machine and is fed gold coins by an intoxicated patron. Well, turns out that little guy was Hamill himself, and in more ways than one.

The story was brought about by Kirin Arnold, a fan who took to Twitter to ask Hamill whether or not he wore a motion suit for that small scene. Displaying another exhibit of kindness, Hamill responded, and went into detail about how the moment came to be.

“It is commonly (& mistakenly) reported that I only did the voice of Dobbu Scay, but I filmed the scene in a full motion-capture suit w/ a giant-sized medicine ball to make me the same size as BB-8. I didn’t expect to be credited, assuming it would be another unbilled easter-egg.”

You know, now that he’s said it, it’s a little strange that his role was announced in the credits. Though I can’t see how anyone would’ve been able to pick up on it otherwise. But since the truth’s out and we do have this story, it’s quite a fascinating picture to imagine. Can you see Luke Skywalker jumping around with a giant-sized medicine ball?

Either way, it’s a funny thought, and another part of Hamill’s Star Wars legacy. And on that topic, while it’ll probably be coming to an end here once The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters in December, his career’s among the most important in science-fiction and blockbuster history. So thank you, Mark.

Source: Twitter