Mark Hamill Trends As Star Wars And Batman Fans Celebrate His 69th Birthday

Mark Hamill

Happy birthday, Mr. Mark Hamill! Not many people make the kind of impact on both cinema and pop culture as Hamill has, thanks to playing both Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars saga and the Joker in various forms of Batman media. And as he turns 69 today, fans of the Star Wars and DC universes are pouring onto social media to wish the Jedi Master/the Clown Prince of Crime all the best.

To start with, the Dark Knight himself, Kevin Conroy, wished his old co-star and buddy a happy day.

Someone had to say it (and many have)… May the Force be with you, Mark!

Thanks for being amazing!

He created a lot of childhoods.

From one supervillain to another… Lex Luthor star Clancy Brown also wished Hamill a happy birthday.

Mark Hamill – unlikely winner of the best ever trading card autographs!

Shout out to a couple of his more underrated roles – the unfortunately short-lived Professor Arnold in Kingsman: The Secret Service and the voice of Chucky in 2019’s Child’s Play reboot.

Here’s to all the happiness!

An inspiration to generations.

Assuming The Rise of Skywalker really is his final time in the saga, Hamill played Luke Skywalker for 42 years of his life, stretching from 1977’s Star Wars (AKA A New Hope) to 2019’s Skywalker Saga conclusion. Meanwhile, he eagerly accepted the role of the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series in 1992 to prove that he could play a villain. 28 years later and he still provides the character’s voice in animated TV shows, movies and video games.

After turning up for a memorable guest spot on vampire comedy What We Do in the Shadows earlier this year, Mark Hamill has two major new animated series on the way, Amazon Prime’s comic book adaptation Invincible and Kevin Smith’s Masters of the Universe reboot for Netflix. Many happy returns, sir!