Mark Millar’s Starlight And Chrononauts Moving Forward


Comic-book mastermind Mark Millar has seen several of his works adapted into smashing big-screen successes, from Kick-Ass to Kingsman, and now he’s revealed the next two projects that he expects to see move forward in the coming months: Starlight and Chrononauts (pictured).

Millar sat down with JoBlo (via CBM) and said the following about the pics:

“The next two that I think will be moving forward pretty quickly are Starlight and Chrononauts, I think they’ll probably be made at the same time as Kingsman 2, if not even before. I think Starlight’s screenplay is finished now, it was written by Gary Whitta, he finished the screenplay a couple of weeks back and we’re just moving forward now looking for a director.”

“Chrononauts, there’s one of the actors already and we’re just looking for the second guy. Those two I think are the most likely to be the next two out, and then we should have another three ready to roll next year as well.”

Both adaptations have been in the work for a while, the former at 20th Century Fox and the latter at Universal.

Whitta, who wrote Godzilla and worked on a Star Wars spinoff for some time, was considered a great snag for Starlight, which centers on Duke McQueen, a former space hero who settled down on Earth, only to be summoned for one last adventure decades later. Simon Kinberg (X-Men: Days of Future Past) is among the producers, so Fox is likely to be eyeing the project as a potential tentpole.

Meanwhile, Fast & Furious brain Chris Morgan is producing Chrononauts, about two scientific geniuses who wrestle with ethical dilemmas after they discover time-travel. The information about a lead being attached is new, but the two main characters are described as “two red-blooded American guys,” so it may be a stretch to start speculating about which actors could be involved. Universal is certainly eyeing the property as a potential franchise, so it’s not hard to hazard a guess that when a cast is announced, it will include some big names.

Millar’s kinetic, ultraviolent sensibilities have made his works some of the more entertaining comics in recent years, and if Starlight and Chrononauts are anywhere near as fun and fast-paced as Kingsman, audiences are in for a treat.

We’ll keep you posted with more on the projects as we get it.

Source: CBM