Mark Romanek To Direct Pilot For Locke And Key

After the somewhat disappointing Never Let Me Go, Mark Romanek is turning his eye towards television. Deadline is reporting that Romanek will direct a pilot for FOX’s Locke and Key. Also joining the project is Aussie star Miranda Otto and the producer credit goes to the dynamic duo of Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci, the duo behind Star Trek and Transformers, among other things.

Locke and Key is based off the comic of the same name and for those unfamiliar with it, Bleeding Cool gives a nice summary on the comic:

“The series starts when the Locke family, recently bereaved of their father, move to Keyhouse, a mysterious mansion in which every door leads to a different place, either in this world or another, and around which some curious, magical keys are to be found. There are ghosts and creaky floorboards and huge, ambitious story arcs, lots of echoes and shadows and strong feeling that what you’re reading is Story with a capital S.”

It sounds kind of interesting and Romanek may be able to do something unique with this. He’s got a great visual style and this material may be right up his alley. There’s no word on when it will hit TV but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.