Mark Ruffalo Shares Avengers: Endgame Set Photo Of Chris Hemsworth Sleeping On The Job

Avengers Endgame Thor

The recent stream of Avengers: Endgame set material continues with this new photo of Chris Hemsworth, shared via Instagram by his co-star Mark Ruffalo.

The pic shows the Thor actor sporting his latest beard on the set of Tony Stark’s lakeside cabin, and from the look of things, the star has dozed off between takes. Ruffalo captioned the image as follows:

“Weekend relaxation mode, feat. @ChrisHemsworth.”

While Hemsworth is looking pretty worn out here, the final minutes of Endgame suggest that his run in the MCU isn’t over quite yet. In particular, it’s expected that he’ll return for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which is reportedly scheduled to begin filming next year. That being said, the Endgame writers are reluctant to confirm whether or not Thor is now an official Guardian, leaving it up to director James Gunn to decide where exactly the character goes from here.

Last month, Tessa Thompson also hinted at the possibility of Thor: Ragnarok helmsman Taika Waititi working on a fourth solo movie for the God of Thunder. Since then, however, we haven’t heard any further news on the matter, and given how Endgame left things, it wouldn’t be surprising if Valkyrie herself was the star of the MCU’s next Asgardian adventure.

As for Ruffalo, while Avengers: Endgame seemingly brought some closure to Bruce Banner’s arc, the possibility of future outings for the character was left wide open. Even Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige recently teased that Hulk could make a return somewhere down the line, though he refrained from offering any details. Hopefully the producer will let us in on some of his plans before the summer is out, but in the meantime, Marvel’s Phase 3 comes to a close with the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home on July 2nd.