Mark Ruffalo Spoiled The Ending Of Avengers: Infinity War Last Year


By this point, Mark Ruffalo’s total inability to keep Marvel’s secrets is legendary. After all, it was mostly because of his and Tom Holland’s blabbermouths that the studio decided to give the cast either only portions of the script or entirely fake scenes for Avengers: Infinity War. Despite their best efforts, though, it seems that Ruffalo just couldn’t be stopped and actually revealed the shock ending of the event movie to the press.

Luckily for Marvel, he did this a whole year ago, so no one knew if he was joking at the time. Having now seen the film, though, we can confirm that Mark Ruffalo genuinely did let slip the spoiler to end all spoilers in an on-camera interview.

Last July, Don Cheadle and the Hulk actor were chatting to Good Morning America at D23. Already warned not to tell too much about Thor: Ragnarok by Cheadle, Ruffalo preceded to drop the biggest spoiler possible for Infinity War instead:

“Wait ’til you see this next one. Everybody dies!”

The greatest part about this video is that Ruffalo’s revelation that “everybody dies” is not what he meant to say at first. He clearly begins to say “half,” presumably meaning that half of the heroes die in Infinity War. Which we now know to be the case, as Thanos wipes half of them out along with the rest of the universe with a snap of his fingers. So the star actually thought he was preventing himself from revealing a spoiler by saying that everyone dies. Oh, Ruffalo!

We suppose this isn’t quite as bad as streaming the first 20 minutes of Thor: Ragnarok onto the internet, as we couldn’t be sure that he’d actually spoiled anything about Avengers: Infinity War until now, but this is definitely up there with the actor’s best slip-ups.

Honesty, don’t ever change, Mark.

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