Mark Ruffalo Talks About The Avengers

Getting ready for his role as Bruce Banner/The Hulk in the upcoming film, The Avengers, actor Mark Ruffalo recently spoke out about the film. While his latest film, The Kids Are All Right, is starting to generate Oscar buzz, particularly in regards to his performance, Ruffalo sat down to talk about both The Avengers and The Kids Are All Right. According to Hitfix, Ruffalo said that prior to the Sundance premiere of The Kids Are All Right, he actually considered retiring from the acting world.

What changed his mind was the praise that came about for his role in The Kids Are All Right. In fact, this is what partly encouraged him to take on the role of The Hulk. Vulture is also reporting that the way in which Ruffalo was cast in The Avengers was quite strange. He was given a message that instructed him to wake up at 4am on the morning of Comic-Con. At that point, he was to check to see if there was a car outside his house, if there was, he had gotten the part. I’m not really sure if this is true or not as it seems quite odd. I’m not really sure of what the point of doing this to Ruffalo would be.

Ruffalo went on to further reveal that he’ll play The Hulk via motion-capture and that he still hasn’t read a finished version of the script. He was quoted as saying:

“I trust Joss… I talked to Robert Downey Jr. a bit about it. I trust that we’re going to make it good, and I have a good feeling.”

And that’s about it. With The Avengers film now in motion, you can expect to see a lot more coverage on the film in the coming months. As for Ruffalo, he’s an undoubtedly talented actor, who has given some great performances (even if The Kids Are All Right is a bit overrated). I have no issue with him in the role of The Hulk and this is going to be a must see film for superhero films everywhere.