Mark Ruffalo Wishes Chris Hemsworth A Happy Birthday With Awesome Avengers: Endgame Photos


Mark Ruffalo has maintained his tradition of wishing fellow Marvel stars a happy birthday on Twitter. A couple of months ago, he paid tribute to Chris Evans with a sweet set photo from Avengers: Infinity War. Now, the latest recipient of the honor is none other than Thor’s Chris Hemsworth, who today celebrates his 37th.

Check out the gallery below below for the set photos from Avengers: Endgame that Ruffalo shared, along with the following caption:

Hope you are spending your birthday well, brother! (Maybe not partying as hard as the second pic though…)

There’s also a social media tradition of embarrassing your friends on their birthdays with, shall we say candid photos. Ruffalo’s shot of his colleague conked out on the ground in full “Fat Thor” gear manages to uphold that as well. All in all, good work.

The pair have to be one of the more unlikely big screen double acts to emerge in recent years. Hulk and Thor hadn’t shared much screen time prior to Thor: Ragnarok, but the decision to bring them together in Taika Waititi’s movie paid dividends, with their chemistry sparking off in its middle act. However, it may have been a short-lived union.

Since Ragnarok’s release, the franchise-spanning implications of Avengers: Endgame have left the characters – particularly, Hulk – in very different places. I’d be completely down for more Thulk (yes, that’s a thing) in Love and Thunder, but it remains to be seen if we get any.

Got any well wishes of your own towards Chris Hemsworth? Drop them in the comments section below. This is a call for anyone who hasn’t already tweeted the greeting to him – after all, you may not actually have Twitter. I promise to forward them to Hemsworth personally, possibly as part of a huge birthday zeppelin. More on that idea as it develops.

Oh, where are my manners? Happy birthday Hemmy!