Mark Wahlberg And Jonah Hill To Star In Good Time Gang

Mark Wahlberg is really getting involved in this whole comedy thing. In addition to an upcoming Adam McKay project with Will Ferrell entitled Three Mississippi, 24 Frames is reporting that Wahlberg will co-star in action/comedy Good Time Gang with Jonah Hill.

The film will be written by Max Landis (upcoming superhero movie Chronicle), and will be a spin on the cliché Lethal Weapon formula. However, Good Time Gang is supposed to be more action than comedy, which is sort of the opposite of not only Wahlberg’s most recent comedy, The Other Guys, but also pretty much every comedy in which Hill has been involved.

Hill has clearly proved his comedic talents, whether it was with his co-starring role in Superbad or his more recent and slightly more demanding lead role in Get Him To The Greek. That being said, besides running away from P. Diddy, I don’t know just how well he could pull off an action flick.

On the other hand, this film seems perfect for Wahlberg. If he’s nailed down a niche, it’s the over-the-top action film (Max Payne, Shooter, etc.) where Mark Wahlberg is a badass who shoots a bunch of bad guys. Additionally, Wahlberg has shown he has a funny side in The Other Guys and Date Night.

The film is still in a very early developmental stage but what do you think so far? Would you like to see Hill and Wahlberg together?