A New Look At Mark Wahlberg And Mila Kunis In Ted

Seth MacFarlane is hoping to take his small screen comedic genius to the big screen in the upcoming film Ted.

Ted stars two huge draws, Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis, alongside a talking teddy bear voiced by MacFarlane himself. After John Bennett’s (Wahlberg) childhood wish comes true and his teddy bear comes to life, it takes him a little longer to outgrow his stuffed animal than most kids. When John starts dating Lori (Kunis), he finally finds a reason worth leaving Ted behind.

As strange as the plot sounds, I’m looking forward to this one. Wahlberg has succeeded with comedic roles in the past and it will be interesting to see him work with the humor that MacFarlane brings to the table. At the same time, Kunis is no stranger to comedy either, especially not rom-com, as she has the recent hit Friends With Benefits in her back pocket.

The combination of these three may prove to be a winning one after all. I guess we’ll know for sure in a few weeks.

Ted hits theaters on June 29th. In the meantime, check out the latest images from the film below.

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