Mark Wahlberg Has Plans To Make A Boardwalk Empire Movie With Martin Scorsese


Having served as executive producer on HBO’s critically-acclaimed bootlegging drama since its inception, Mark Wahlberg now wants to take the show one step further after the actor revealed plans to spearhead a Boardwalk Empire movie alongside Martin Scorsese.

Now that life in prohibition Atlantic City has all but wrapped up after the series finale back in October, Wahlberg plans to put the drama on the big screen. Speaking to Ralphie Aversa, the actor-cum-producer touched upon his desire to get the wheels in motion on the adaptation. For those who have yet to see the entire final season of Empire, tread with caution, as Wahlberg reveals a pretty huge spoiler from the final episode.

“My next goal now is to get the movie made and start talking to Martin Scorsese about directing it. There’s no Nucky, though…We can always go back,” the executive producer stated.

It’s certainly an enticing concept, and if these comments are any indication, then the potential Boardwalk Empire movie would turn out to be a prequel. Alas, one of the key questions facing Wahlberg now is whether he can get Scorsese on board to direct. As fans of the show are already well aware, the venerable filmmaker directed the pilot episode of the series back in 2010, before keeping one eye on the general proceedings as an executive producer — much like David Fincher’s approach with Netflix’s House of Cards.

Whether Wahlberg’s plan for a Boardwalk Empire movie pans out as he expects remains to be seen, but given how passionate the fanbase is for the HBO drama, news of a potential film will no doubt be met with some excitement.

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