Mark Wahlberg Will Not Be The Crow

Despite rumours circulating for a while, it is now confirmed that actor-producer Mark Wahlberg will not be appearing in Hollywood’s reboot of The Crow. He did however confirm that he was offered the project.

Wahlberg confirmed to Cinematical:

We never committed to making the movie… They talked to me about it and there was a director attached who I was a fan of, and he’s no longer doing it. We just thought about it – ‘is there something cool to be done there?’ But we’re not committed to making the movie.

So the remake is floating around Hollywood but now there is no director attached since Stephen Norrington as well as another director that Wahlberg is referring to have both left the project.

With no director or star attached and only a script floating around the studios, it looks like The Crow remake could be a long way away.