One Of Mark Wahlberg’s Best Movies Is Coming To Netflix Next Week

Patriots Day

Come July 1st, Netflix will be adding the 2016 crime drama Patriots Day to its online library. The film, which stars Mark Wahlberg as a Boston cop, is worth checking out not only because it tells a gripping story based on real-life investigations of the Boston Marathon Bomber, but also because it features one of the best performances the actor has ever delivered.

That last part is particularly important because, like many popular American actors, Wahlberg has starred in a lot of bad movies over the course of his career. From painfully unfunny comedies like Ted to truly cringe-worthy titles like Daddy’s Home 2, the actor holds a candle to performers like Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler when it comes to bad repertoires.

But, also like many popular American talents, Wahlberg has starred in some truly great movies, too, ones which his performances helped elevate. And should you finish PatriotDay next month and find yourself with a newly-acquired appreciation for the actor, then here are two more films you may want to check out next.

Patriots Day

Let’s start with the most Hollywood-friendly one. Deepwater Horizon is an environmental thriller from 2016 which sees Wahlberg trying to survive an oil rig explosion whilst simultaneously mitigating the damage of the disaster. As far as eco-friendly movies go, this is one of the few that holds up as an actual piece of entertainment.

Up next we’ll get a bit more niche. The Departed is a Martin Scorsese film that doesn’t enter uncharted territory, but features everything the acclaimed director does best. A crime drama based on a true story, it’s filled to the brim with A-list actors, each performance of whom is more wonderful than the next. Wahlberg’s hot-headed, Leonardo DiCaprio-hating police chief, however, stands out from the bunch.

But we digress. Tell us, what’s your favorite movie starring Mark Wahlberg? Let us know in the comments below.