Martin Scorsese Abandons His Planned Frank Sinatra Biopic


For several years now, Martin Scorsese has been trying to get a Frank Sinatra biopic off the ground. Back in 2009, the filmmaker became attached to the project and over time, both Phil Alden Robinson (Field of Dreams) and Billy Ray (The Hunger Games) had been working on scripts. At one point, Leonardo DiCaprio was even set to star. However, the pieces never quite came together.

The main issue was with Sinatra’s estate, as they weren’t happy with how the director was going to present the iconic singer. Scorsese’s idea, you see, was to give audiences a complete look at Frank Sinatra’s life, warts and all. That means diving into his mob connections. For obvious reasons, his family wasn’t alright with this approach and as such, the film never materialized.

Now, in a recent interview to promote his new movie Silence, Scorsese has revealed that despite trying for several years to get it made, he’s finally throwing in the towel.

“We can’t do it. I think it is finally over,” he told The Toronto Sun. “[Sinatra’s estate] won’t agree to it. Open it up again and I’m there…Certain things are very difficult for a family, and I totally understand. But if they expect me to be doing it, they can’t hold back certain things. The problem is that the man was so complex. Everybody is so complex – but Sinatra in particular.”

While one can understand the family’s hesitations, it’s certainly unfortunate that the project is now dead. Scorsese is a master filmmaker with a knack for telling true stories about larger than life personalities. Just watch The AviatorThe Wolf of Wall Street or Raging Bull for proof of this. We have no doubt he would have done a tremendous job with a figure as fascinating as Sinatra, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Maybe one day the singer’s estate will change their mind, but as of now, Martin Scorsese‘s Frank Sinatra biopic sounds like it’s officially dead.

Tell us, were you looking forward to what would surely have been another brilliant biopic from Marty, or are you happy to see him move on from the project? Take to the comments section below and share your thoughts!