Martin Scorsese’s Roger Ebert Documentary To Debut In 2013

What is a true friend but one who makes a documentary about the life of another? That’s what Martin Scorsese is doing for his old buddy Roger Ebert, anyway, the infamous film critic who wrote one of the first positive reviews for Scorsese’s debut film Who’s That Knocking At My Door? and helped to launch his career.

Ever since, the two have remained close friends, with Ebert often granting Scorsese’s movies four star reviews, and Scorsese just, well, loving the heck out of that. Now it’s pay-back time: the Scorsese-produced documentary – based on Ebert’s memoirs Life Itself – is set to debut at the Telluride Film Festival in 2013.

Whilst attending Columbia College Chicago last week for a talk, producer Zak Piper stated that the production will kick off today with approximately 20 to 25 days of shooting scheduled. The project will shoot at both Ebert’s home and at press screenings, and will also feature interviews with fans of Ebert’s criticism, as well as with close friends and family.

You’re probably well-aware that a few years ago Ebert was diagnosed with cancer and lost his ability to talk, though this has done nothing to slow down his productivity. What’s assured, then, is that this is going to be highly interesting documentary – one that in the capable hands of producer Martin Scorsese and director Steve James, will be sure to honor Ebert’s journey. What do you think? Sound like something you’d like to see?

Source: The Film Stage

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