Martyrs Director Pascal Laugier Is Making A Twisted Sex Movie

Not content with freaking you out with sequences of graphic gore and mutilation, Martyrs director Pascal Laugier has released details as to what his next project is all about, describing it as a “twisted sex movie.” Oh, Europe: that’s so you.

Here’s what Laugier had to say on the matter:

“[It’s] going even further away from the horror genre, but at the same time still a very genre related story; it’s a love story. I’ve never filmed people fucking because it’s been done so many times and so badly. [The film] is a love story that turns into something very twisted.”

When comparisons were made to upcoming Lars Von Trier movie The Nymphomaniac (also bound to be a “twisted sex movie”), Laugier had the following to say:

“I respect [Lars] Von Trier a lot as a director but we don’t share the same style and we don’t follow the same line. I hardly follow other directors when I’m writing my own stuff. I want to try being on set with two North American actors and, from my French perspective, ask them to do things that they’d never dare to do as North Americans. That’s part of my motivation.”

So, expect more weird stuff from a French man who likes the idea of telling Americans to do things that make them feel uncomfortable.

How do you feel about Pascal Laugier? Have you seen Martyrs?

Watch it. Go on. We dare you.

Source: The Playlist