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Marvel and DC hopelessly contend with Homelander for the best comic book villain of the year

Never underestimate Dynamite Entertainment.

Homelander from The Boys on Amazon Prime Video
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Warning: Spoilers for Black Adam to follow.

From the big screen to the streaming screens, there’s been no shortage of comic book adaptations both macabre and delightful, and the versatility of the genre suggests that its current domination of pop culture won’t be ceasing any time soon.

And for every viewer that tunes in to watch their favorite heroes save the day, there’s plenty of others waiting to have their attention seized by what we hope is an equally exciting villain, one whose motives and ability to embody a threat often leaves the largest impression.

But which comic book villain took the crown in this landmark year for screen adaptations? That’s one of the many questions that Twitter has attempted to field with a surprisingly consistent consensus.

One user posited a ripe selection of villains for the denizens of the internet to rank, including Arthur Harrow (Moon Knight), Homelander (The Boys), Wanda Maximoff (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness), Gorr the God Butcher (Thor: Love and Thunder), White Dragon (Peacemaker), The Corinthian (The Sandman), Sabbac (Black Adam), The Riddler (The Batman), and Milo (Morbius).

Antony Starr’s turn as Homelander seems to have put him near the top for most fans.

The Corinthian, on the other hand, found little to no love, largely due to the tragic amount of people who somehow haven’t gotten around to watching The Sandman just yet.

Upon receiving this information, some of Twitter’s more dutiful residents took rightful initiative.

And we’ve still got a few more villains to meet before the year is up as well, most notably Black Panther: Wakanda Forever‘s Namor, who just might go toe-to-toe with Homelander if this ranking selection ever gets revised.

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