Marvel Artist Says Keanu Reeves Is Perfect For Moon Knight Film

Moon Knight

Every fan has that one superhero that they’d like to see brought to the screen. But not every character is on the level of Spider-Man or Superman, and as such, there are countless B and C level heroes just waiting for their chance to shine. However, Marvel’s Moon Knight has to be considered one of the most frequently referenced characters that fans have been clamoring to see in theaters.

Now, for those not acquainted with this particular hero, he’s often thought to be Marvel’s answer to Batman. His real name is Marc Spector, a former CIA operative and Marine who died on a mission in Egypt, but was resurrected, albeit with superpowers that wax and wane with the moon, by an ancient Egyptian deity. Also, he has prophetic visions and multiple personalities.

But it isn’t just the Marvel comics fandom that want to see this most mysterious individual get a film of his own. Current Moon Knight artist, Bill Sienkiewicz, recently took to Twitter to not only advocate for the making of such a movie, but also to suggest Keanu Reeves as the man to take the role, writing:

Keanu would nail every one of MK’s alternate personalities; chill enough to be Lockley the cabby-or Lyft driver? (because f Uber), suave enough to pull off billionaire Grant, cold & cruel enough to nail the merc Spector, inscrutably badass enough to bring Moon Knight home

This is most definitely an inspired bit of proposed casting, and Kevin Feige has made no secret of his desire to have Reeves in a role in the MCU. Perhaps Moon Knight could finally be the film that gets him into the franchise?

While this is certainly nothing but fan service at this point, it is, nonetheless, an exciting possibility. But we want to know what you think of it. Would you like to see the John Wick star play Marc Spector in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? As always, sound off down below with your thoughts and comments.