Marvel Has Already Auditioned A Very Young Actor For Spider-Man


It’s no secret that Marvel and Sony reached an agreement wherein the former would be able to reinstate Spider-Man into its cinematic universe. Since that announcement, speculation has swirled across the vast plains of the Internet with fans discussing how that reintegration should happen and who should play the rebranded webhead.

Popular opinion has turned to Donald Glover, whose Miles Morales version has been championed by many as the next best choice for the new Spidey. While we know that Marvel has been toying with the possibility of anchoring this new iteration of the character in high school, it seems they have cast their eye over an actual high school-age actor, Mateus Ward.

Ward is best known for his stint on drug dramedy Weeds, which successfully ran for eight seasons over at Showtime. Based on this initial rumor from Badass Digest, who point out that the intel originates from a new inside source, Ward apparently auditioned for the role recently in a super top-secret scenario. Instead of a studio office, his chance to dazzle casting directors took place in somebody’s home, far away from the prying eyes and ears of the rest of the world. In light of today’s news, however, it was obviously not far away enough.

Granted, it sounds obvious that a 16-year old would be playing a high-schooler, but that’s nary the case in movies when actors in their late-20s/early-30s are regularly cast as teens. For Marvel’s new stab at Spider-Man, it appears that the goal is to focus on age-appropriate players who will be able to continue the role for many years to come, as the actual age of the character. In addition, this news points toward the continuance of Peter Parker’s reign as Spider-Man – not Miles Morales.

Whether or not it will be Ward who grapples with the slippery-wristed antics of Spider-Man, one thing’s for certain: Marvel had better secure an actor soon. Captain America: Civil War heads into production shortly and Spidey had better be suited up if he wants to make his MCU debut.