Welcome To Wakanda With The New International Trailer For Marvel’s Black Panther


Is there another Marvel setting that evokes the same feelings of awe and wonder as Wakanda?

Sure, Asgard has its gilded corridors of power – not to mention the resplendent Bifröst Bridge – but when it comes to sheer spectacle, Wakanda is practically in a league of its own. That was one of the big concerns going into Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther movie: how will Marvel’s special effects gurus render such a wondrous, ultra-futuristic utopia?

Well, if the initial trailers for Black Panther are any indication, Coogler and his team have knocked it out of the park, laying the foundation for what will supposedly be a big, operatic family drama centering on T’Challa, the would-be king of Wakanda.

And given how Black Panther is primed to become the first instalment of the MCU headed up by a black superhero, there’s a real sense that Ryan Coogler is making history with his star-studded spinoff, and I for one couldn’t be more excited. Especially now that Marvel has premiered the all-new international trailer.

Besides, with Thor: Ragnarok now out in the wild, it won’t be too long before Marvel’s hard-wired marketing machine begins to divert its resources toward Wakanda – not that Black Panther‘s fictional setting is in need of international aid, considering it’s perched on a massive meteorite rich in vibranium, the same material that lines the rim of Captain America’s trusty shield. Not only that, but it empowers T’Challa to create a kick-ass suit, something that will come in very handy during his climactic battle with Erik Killmonger (Michael B. Jordan).

From what we understand, the latter will be sporting the so-called “Golden Jaguar” suit toward the end of Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther spinoff, so it appears we’re in for quite the treat come February.