Marvel’s Blade Reboot Will Be PG-13


Marvel fans were initially worried that Disney swallowing up Fox would mean that Deadpool 3 would lose its R-rating, but we’ve been assured enough by now to know that this isn’t the case and Kevin Feige is keen to preserve what’s made Ryan Reynolds’ Merc with the Mouth so popular. This got folks thinking about the huge potential for other adult-oriented movies in the MCU, too. But it seems that this theorizing may have been a bit premature.

Unfortunately, Feige has now confirmed that the studio has no current plans for any further R-rated movies after DP3. The Marvel Studios president was asked about this while virtually attending the Television Critics Association’s Winter Press Tour this Wednesday and The Hollywood Reporter’s Aaron Couch relayed what the producer had to say below:

 “Feige says other than [Deadpool 3], there are still no plans to explore R-ratings for the MCU. Naturally, if there is a story where that would make sense, sure they would discuss it,” Couch shared

With DP3 confirmed to receive an R-rating, it was thought that certain other projects could get the same treatment. The biggest contender for this was Mahershala Ali’s Blade reboot, seeing as the Wesley Snipes trilogy is known for its mature content. However, as points out, Feige indirectly confirmed via his comments today that Blade will not be R-rated and will sport the MCU’s typical PG-13 rating.

R-rated superhero movies have become a lot more common in recent years, following the success of Deadpool. DC, in particular, has embraced the trend, putting out both Joker and Birds of Prey. Marvel has honed in on a winning formula over the past decade or so, though, so you can’t blame them for not wanting to fix something that isn’t broken. Of course, right now it seems hard to imagine a Blade movie that tones down the horror and action, but we’ll just have to wait and see what the studio comes up with.

At least Deadpool 3 will definitely be getting that elusive R-rating. A script is being put together right now, though filming won’t begin this year due to Reynolds’ hectic schedule.