Marvel May Cast A Person Of Color As The MCU’s Kitty Pryde


Following on from the rather controversial news – and understandably so – that Marvel may be casting a person of color for both the role of Magneto and Professor X once they reboot the X-Men in the MCU, we’re now hearing that they’re thinking of doing the same for Kitty Pryde as well.

As fans will no doubt know, Kitty has only really been seen twice in the film franchise to date (not counting her brief appearances in X-Men and X2). In 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand, Ellen Page played the young mutant with phasing abilities, and she later returned for 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. Of course, Pryde was set to receive her own standalone outing as well at one point, but once Disney swallowed up Fox, the project was scrapped.

For the uninitiated, Shadowcat, as she’s also called, is known for her ability to “phase,” which allows her to pass through solid objects and also disrupt electromagnetic fields. She has a deep history on the page and fans have long been calling for her to have an increased role in the X-Men movies, too.

Thankfully, then, it seems Marvel does indeed have plans for her once they bring the mutants into the MCU, but they may be making some serious changes and presenting a very different version from what we’re used to seeing by casting a person of color in the role. And while that may not be as controversial as say, doing the same for Magneto, we’re sure that some comic book purists will still take issue with it.

However, we should note that our sources – the same ones who told us Marvel was developing a She-Hulk show back in April, and that Moon Knight was coming to the MCU – stress that this isn’t set in stone just yet and in the end, the studio could very well go with a white actress. For now, casting a POC remains but an idea that’s being discussed internally.

Tell us, though, if Marvel did decide to cast a person of color as Kitty Pryde, who would you like to see in the role?