Marvel CCO Teases A New Spin On Spider-Man Costume Design


Now that Billy Elliot star Tom Holland has been drafted in for the title role, Marvel fans are beginning to speculate about how the actor will be portrayed when he makes his debut as Spider-Man in next year’s hotly-anticipated Captain America: Civil War – and by portrayed, we of course mean the costume.

Truth be told, there wasn’t much variation between the outfits worn by Tobey Macguire and Andrew Garfield, but if the studio’s CCO Joe Quesada is to be believed, that could be about to change with Jon Watts’ new take. Speaking to IGN during the ongoing Comic-Con in San Diego, here’s what the executive had to say about the inherently Marvel design.

“It’s awesome,” he said of the costume. “I’ve seen a lot of design work that’s been done on the costume. I think there are elements of it that are really going to blow people away where they are going to go ‘Ah, that’s Marvel doing Spider-Man.”

Those “new elements” aren’t likely to be revealed for some time, given that there is still more than two years to wait before Holland’s first bona fide appearance as the webslinger. The one question that’s hot on the lips of fans, though, is whether the reboot will introduce us to a Spidey suit replete with web-shooters, or whether the studio will ditch the wrist devices in favor of something new entirely.

Whatever the case, Quesada can’t help but be excited for the hero’s return to the silver screen – not that it’s been too long since he was last seen, mind you.

“It’s Spider-Man,” he said. “What’s not exciting about that? I can’t imagine there’s a person on the planet Earth that can’t relate to some aspect of Spider-Man or Peter Parker, and he is for all intents and purposes, he is Marvel’s Mickey Mouse. He is the icon of so much of what we have was built upon, so to create that movie along with our Sony partners it’s phenomenally exciting. I know Kevin Feige and his team have some great ideas. Some wonderful theories that we have all chimed in on.”

In related news, The Wrestler and My Cousin Vinny star Marisa Tomei has nabbed the role of Aunt May, which underlines the younger approach Marvel is gunning for with this third take on Spider-Man.

Tom Holland will make his much-anticipated bow as your friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man via a cameo appearance in next year’s Captain America: Civil War, before swinging into action for the standalone film on July 28, 2017.

Source: YouTube