Big Loki Plot Hole From Avengers: Infinity War Finally Explained


From a storytelling perspective, when a character has faked their death once, it seems unlikely that the writers would pull the same trick on us a second time. Of course, from a character perspective, it makes all too much sense that Loki would use the same escape plan in Avengers: Infinity War that he successfully pulled off in Thor: The Dark World, so it’s understandable that fans are continuing to suspect a classic act of deception from the trickster.

The theorists have even pointed out a few potential signs that there was more to Loki’s death scene than meets the eye, from the use of his left hand, to his line about the sun shining on him again. But regardless of whether you feel there’s any weight to this body of evidence, a new post on Reddit seems to nullify at least one of the Loki truthers’ arguments.

A point that’s occasionally used to back up the notion that Thor’s adopted brother didn’t really die is that the character doesn’t revert to his blue-skinned Jotun form after being slain by Thanos. The Marvel Studios Visual Dictionary, however, seems to explain away this issue in a couple of excerpts that Redditor ncsar216 screenshots.

The first of these passages refers to Loki’s “Blue Frost Giant skin transformed by Odin.” In this description, we get the implicit message that the Frost Giant color is no longer the natural hue of Loki’s skin. Of course, you may have seen this as a given already. After all, the character had already gone most of his life not knowing about his Jotun ancestry, implying that his regular human skin tone wasn’t just another of his disguises. What’s more, the second excerpt lays out the specific conditions under which Loki’s inner Frost Giant emerge:

“Whenever Loki touches Frost Giants or their relics, he temporarily reverts to his original form, with blue skin and red eyes.”

Obviously, none of this exactly rules out the possibility that Loki faked his death, but at the very least, these two points seem to lay the blue skin argument to rest. Nonetheless, with the character already confirmed to have his own show, it’s clear that Avengers: Infinity War isn’t the last we’ll see of Tom Hiddleston in this franchise. But how exactly his character will be returning to the fold remains a mystery for the internet to solve.