Marvel Confirms Exactly When Ant Man And The Wasp Is Set


After the all you can eat superhero smörgåsbord of Avengers: Infinity War, you might think that Marvel Studios would be resting on its laurels a little. Well, not quite, as hot on the heels of Infinity War comes Ant Man and The Wasp, a film that (in many ways) will be smaller in scope than Joe and Anthony Russo’s event movie and, judging by the trailers, lighter in tone.

Still, with it coming out in such close proximity to the game-changing events of Infinity War, fans have wondered if it’s going to explore the aftermath, or be set at some point before it. Well, after much speculation, we now have it confirmed courtesy of the film’s official synopsis – which you can see below.

From the Marvel Cinematic Universe comes “Ant Man and The Wasp,”a new chapter featuring heroes with the astonishing ability to shrink. In the aftermath of “Captain America: Civil War,” Scott Lang grapples with the consequences of his choices as both a Super Hero and a father.

As he struggles to rebalance his home life with his responsibilities as Ant-Man, he’s confronted by Hope van Dyne and Dr. Hank Pym with an urgent new mission. Scott must once again put on the suit and learn to fight alongside The Wasp as the team works together to uncover secrets from the past.

Setting the sequel directly after 2016’s Captain America: Civil War is a pretty smart choice. The events of that movie drew Scott Lang/Ant Man into the wider MCU and showed him mixing in with (and well, clumsily trying to fight) some of the most famous heroes in the world. After his jaw-dropping Giant Man stunt during the airplane battle, it’ll be nice to reconnect with Lang and see whether his peek into the superhero premier league has changed him.

Once Avengers: Infinity War enjoys its time in the sun, raking in truckloads of cash in the process, look for Ant-Man and the Wasp to scurry into theaters in time for July 6th.

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