Former Marvel Director Says He’s Bored With Marvel Studios Films


If there’s one director that you can bet won’t find himself working with Marvel again, it’s Brian Taylor.

The filmmaker, who was partly responsible for the trainwreck that was Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, recently aired his thoughts on the films that Marvel Studios has been putting out lately. Though he tried to word things carefully, he wasn’t afraid to get blunt, saying that he’s bored with what he’s been seeing.

“The Marvel [Studios] movies, I just don’t understand at all. I have to be honest, they seem very long to me,” Taylor told “I’ve got to be careful the way I say this. I just don’t get them. I’m kind of bored with them and I just don’t find them particularly entertaining. I think they’re really well made in terms of craft. The action is really good. They’re technically really great. They have a lot of actors that I love. But I just don’t get it.”

Honestly, a lot of people would probably agree with Taylor, so more power to him for having the balls to say it. After all, comic book movies are everywhere these days. We’re no longer limited to just a yearly blockbuster film, as the industry has more than tripled that number.

In addition, we’ve seen our favorite heroes and villains branching out to television and streaming services like Netflix. But with so much saturation and the continual rise in popularity, many feel like it’s no longer a question of if but when in regards to the genre’s eventual decline. Granted, the box office numbers would say differently, but the issue of superhero fatigue is still one that’s got many fans talking these days.

Thankfully, Marvel does look to be working toward keeping things fresh. For Phase 4, they’ll be heading to outer space and exploring the cosmic side of their universe, and with plans to retire most of the current Avengers next year, more and more new characters and properties will continue to make their way into the franchise. If there’s one thing that we know we for sure won’t be seeing though, it’s Brian Taylor directing another film for the House of Ideas.