Marvel Studios Interested In Exploring Thanos’ Childhood In The MCU


Thanos became one of the most well-defined villains in the whole MCU in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, but there’s still an awful lot of room to explore the Mad Titan if the franchise ever returned to the character. And it sounds as if it’s not out of the question, as one Marvel exec would love to see his childhood depicted on screen.

Victoria Alonso, EVP of Production at Marvel Studios and exec producer on Captain Marvel, was asked during her Reddit AMA if there was any chance of the villain’s youth being touched on in the MCU in the future. Alonso said she wasn’t sure if that’s on the card, but also made it clear that she’d personally be fascinated to see this as she believes it’s “important” to establish his origins.

“To be honest with you I’ve always been interested in Thanos’ childhood and although I don’t know if we will see it in one of our movies, I think it’s important to know how he became who he was.”

Infinity War was originally going to feature some extended flashbacks to Thanos’ life prior to the destruction of his homeworld, explaining how he turned into the man capable of halving the universe. Ultimately, though, this material was deemed inessential for an already enormous movie and so was never filmed.

We did recently get a glimpse at how Thanos would’ve looked as a young Titan though, as concept artist Ryan Lang shared some of his work on social media that depicted the youthful villain as well as our first look at the MCU’s design for the Eternals.

Speaking of which, as Thanos’ people were of the same species, there’s a chance he could make an appearance or at least be referred to in the upcoming Eternals movie. After all, Alonso did say it’s important to find out how he became the Thanos we know.

Source: Reddit