Tom Holland Confirms Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer Coming Tomorrow


We’ve seen the numerous promos for Captain Marvel and watched with bated breath as the Russo Brothers unveiled Avengers: Endgame to the world, but now, it’s (almost) time for Marvel Studios to begin promoting their third and final MCU installment of 2019 – Spider-Man: Far From Home.

Over on Twitter, MCU figurehead Tom Holland addressed the pent-up demand, before revealing earlier this morning that he has now spoken to Sony about letting the cat out of the bag. Remember, as per Marvel’s licensing agreement, Sony is in charge of marketing Spidey’s standalone adventures, and Far From Home is no different.

Common logic dictates that the sequel’s first-look teaser will drop at precisely 9 am ET; not only does it fit Sony’s M.O., but it also chimes with the studio’s international schedule, as can be seen below.

And here’s confirmation of the trailer’s ETA, courtesy of Twitter:

Truth be told, Spider-Man: Far From Home‘s trailer reveal has been a long time coming; Marvel Studios initially premiered footage during Brazil’s CCXP back in December though, sadly, the sizzle reel never made it online. And so began a campaign to twist Marvel’s arm – figuratively, of course – despite the fact that Far From Home sits in close proximity to Avengers: Endgame, a film in which Peter Parker is presumed dead.

But the show must go on, as the old saying attests, and with the Marvel Cinematic Universe gearing up for an entirely new era of superhero action in MCU Phase 4, one in which Spidey is expected to be commanding a new lineup alongside Captain Marvel et. al, we simply can’t wait to see how Spider-Man: Far From Home sets the stage for the adventures to come.