Marvel Fan Breaks Down The Characters Most Likely To Kill Thanos In Avengers 4


Though Thanos came out the overall winner of the events from this year’s Avengers: Infinity War, we fully expect the tables to turn with Avengers 4, leading to some speculation among the fans over which character is most likely to deliver that fatal final blow to the Mad Titan. And while some of you may expect to see Thor make up for his famous error or Tony Stark put his Proton Cannon to use, one user on Reddit has offered a set of boldly unique predictions.

From the sound of things, they’ve even taken a very scientific approach to the task, introducing their informative image with the following text:

“After countless hours of data analysis, algorithm validation, and computational modeling, I have narrowed down the list of characters who will kill Thanos in A4. Spoilers, obviously.”

Now that you’ve been sufficiently prepared, feast your eyes below…

Of course, we have no way of confirming any such predictions at this stage, but the NYPD seems like a more than reasonable candidate for the top spot, seeing how the police department already managed to nail the Mad Titan in the comics. Meanwhile, Howard the Duck could at least severely drain the tyrant’s funding with another box office bomb, and if you’ve been keeping track of Elon Musk’s recent Twitter activity, you’ll know that there’s really no telling what the guy’s capable of these days.

In case it needs to be said, this post is not to be taken seriously. I mean, that grinning Thanos image in the background might as well be a trollface, but in all honesty, the fans would probably love it if Ant-Man’s friend Luis was the one to finish the job.

While Reddit user RoboticOverture may well have found some of the few MCU characters who won’t be appearing in Avengers 4, you can expect the return of a whole load of familiar faces when the film hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019, and most of them will likely have a bone to pick with the Titan.

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