Marvel Fan Creates Poster For A Spider-Man Vs Venom Film

venom mcu

Since the post-credits scene of Venom: Let There Be Carnage shook the MCU and Sony’s universe of Spider-Man characters into chaos⏤with Venom seemingly entering the MCU for the foreseeable future⏤creative fans have been drafting up ideas of what this crossover could look like.

Later this year we’ll get a chance to see Spider-Man: No Way Home and understand the scale of this multiverse-bending plot, not to mention some indication of what’s next for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and how it relates to what we saw at the end of the Venom sequel.

One talented artist sought to imagine what the inevitable crossover film between these two iconic characters could look like, creating a poster for a theoretical Spider-Man vs Venom film.

Shared to the Marvel Studios Reddit, this creation appears to take a darker tone than the current lineup of Marvel Studios Spider-Man films, drawing more from Venom’s aesthetic. The poster’s most striking feature is that Peter Parker seems to be donning his Venom Symbiote suit instead of the more common attire we’ve seen the hero in throughout his time in the MCU.

While there has been little indication of what will happen when these two characters come together on screen, Peter Parker becoming Venom’s host would be quite the twist and something that comic fans would love to see take place on the big screen.

We’re a while away from a real Spider-Man vs Venom poster, but there’s a very good chance that it’s not going to stop fans from producing their own in the meantime.