Marvel Fan Imagines The MCU’s Phase 4 Release Slate


The spoiler-phobia of Marvel Studios has reached peak levels this past year, and this is evident not just in their refusal to deliver the details on next year’s Avengers 4, but also in the vagueness of the future they’ve painted for us beyond 2019. But sometimes, a little evidence and a couple of plausible reports is all a fan needs for the basis of a little theorizing, and so one user on Reddit has posted their own vision of what form the MCU’s future could take.

This speculative Phase 4 slate starts off with the easiest title to pin down, Spider-Man: Far From Home, which we know to be coming out on July 5th, 2019. After that, the fan seems to be taking inspiration from a recent That Hashtag Show report, which dated Black Widow for May 1st, 2020, followed by The Eternals on November 6th of the same year.

It’s once you get to 2021, however, that fans can really start using their imagination, and the line between prediction and fantasy often starts to blur. For example, while Ryan Coogler is confirmed to be working on Black Panther 2, it seems pretty optimistic to place the so-called Black Panther: Moon Knight as soon as February 2021. More so for Namor, who’s theorized to be getting a film in May of the same year, despite us receiving only vague indications that the character might some day join the MCU.

Beyond that, you have the confirmed Doctor Strange sequel in November 2021, the heavily delayed Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 in February 2022, a completely theoretical Fantastic Four movie release date in May of the same year, and an unconfirmed Captain Marvel sequel in July.

Obviously, this is nothing more than one fan’s ideas, but don’t be too surprised if Marvel‘s actual slate holds a few similarities with these predictions, even if those later years in particular could well differ drastically. But before we can get to any of these confirmed or speculative releases, we first need to finish off Phase 3, with Avengers 4 hitting theaters on May 3rd, 2019.

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