Marvel fans are assembling their dream ‘Spider-Man’ movies

spider-man: no way home

Spider-Man: No Way Home completely tore up the status quo for Tom Holland’s Peter Parker, thereby wiping the slate clean for Spider-Man 4, which could act as the start of a new trilogy. It’s anyone’s guess what the friendly neighborhood hero will face next, then, with Holland’s webhead likely to encounter a new roster of supporting characters and villains.

Unsurprisingly, fans have various ideas about where they’d like to see the franchise go from here — and they’ve been making their pitches for the next Spidey film on social media. Fandom got the ball rolling on Twitter by asking folks to build their dream Spider-Man movie, encouraging them to name a title, which Spider-Man it would star, which love interest, which villain, and who would direct it.

The responses came in thick and fast, with a few similar ideas featuring in many of the pitches. Felicia Hardy proved to be a popular choice for Peter’s new girlfriend, while Mister Negative, most known from the Spider-Man PS4 game, received a lot of votes for his next nemesis. Meanwhile, people really want to see Edgar Wright, who almost directed Ant-Man, behind the camera.

A Zack Snyder-directed Spider-Man Noir adaptation would be wild.

No Time To Die‘s Cary Fukunaga is another interesting pick for director.

How about doing an actual Spider-Man 4 with Tobey Maguire and Sam Raimi?

Similarly, others want to see a Spider-Girl movie about Mayday Parker.

OK, now that’s a clever idea.

What about a Peter/Miles Morales team-up flick?

Of course, there were also a lot of calls for Andrew Garfield to get an Amazing Spider-Man 3.

Some of these concepts don’t feel so far-fetched, as Black Cat will no doubt end up in the MCU eventually and a showdown with Kingpin is feasible given Vincent D’Onofrio’s return in Hawkeye. Marvel and Sony have definitely got their work cut out for them in having to one-up No Way Home with Spider-Man 4, so maybe they should look to what the fans want for inspiration.