MCU Fans Are Going Crazy Over Brutal Action Scene in ‘Doctor Strange 2’
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Marvel fans are going crazy over the most brutal action scene in ‘Doctor Strange 2’

Sam Raimi might've delivered the most bloodthirsty MCU fight yet.

doctor strange 2 scarlet witch
Image via Marvel Studios

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is out now on the big screen for all to see, and while fans have a LOT of thoughts about it, there’s one thing we can all agree on: they weren’t kidding when they hyped this one up as a Marvel horror movie. Director Sam Raimi really leans into his Evil Dead roots here, delivering some standout horror moments, not to mention a relentlessly brutal action scene.

Spoilers incoming!

The scene in question is the showdown between Scarlet Witch and the Illuminati that was teased in the trailers. If you were expecting this to be a close battle, though, you are in for a shock as the sequence sees Wanda Maximoff make mincemeat out of some of the most iconic and powerful heroes in the Marvel canon. And, the bloodthirsty lot that they are, Marvel fans cannot get enough of it.

“Illuminati” is trending on Twitter this morning as fans share their reactions to the fight scene. It’s easily the darkest we’ve seen Wanda get to date and is supposed to be a sign that she’s really gone off the deep-end. And yet Wanda loyalists are only cheering her on and loving this display of her god-like power-levels.

Likewise, far from sympathizing with the whole team being wiped out, fans are dragging the Illuminati for thinking they could ever handle Wanda.

Actual footage of Tom Cruise’s Superior Iron Man coming back to base after the battle.

Scarlet Witch’s destruction of the Illuminati could have some big consequences for the MCU, as it could be impossible to redeem her after this, not to mention make it hard to take these heroes seriously again after we’ve seen them trounced so badly. But, in of itself, it’s clear the Wanda vs. Illuminati fight is one of the biggest highlights of Doctor Strange 2.