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Marvel fans are gunning for ‘Armor Wars’ after big news drops

Boom! You looking for this?

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Credit: Marvel Studios

A seismic shift became public as Armor Wars moved from Disney Plus original to a full cinematic release, and Marvel stans are ecstatic with the change.

Don Cheadle’s long wait to properly headline a Marvel movie will soon be over, after the news of his long-slated series getting a big upgrade. Cheadle has been playing James Rhodes since Iron Man 2, and appeared in Iron Man 3, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War and both parts of the Infinity War films, but always as second fiddle to those around him.

Now, he can proudly say he’s front and center. Fans could not be happier, with so many happy to see such a long-time member of the Mavel Cinematic Universe finally get his due. It’s great news as well for those who feel alienated from the universe since Tony Stark’s death in Endgame, with the series confirmed to follow on from his trilogy and his death.

Cheadle is a fan favorite actor too, with him constantly using his status for good, including famously wearing a shirt emblazoned with “Protect Trans Kids” while on Saturday Night Live in 2019. A real life superhero.

Diehards are already speculating on who should pop up alongside Cheadle in the film. There’s a few obvious guesses considering the series will be interconnected with the likes of Secret Invasion and Ironheart, but a few out there ones like the S.W.O.R.D. Vision and Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer also got mentions.

It also brings renewed hope for those seeking a solo film for Benedict Wong’s Wong, with Marvel now finally giving former “sidekicks” proper time in the spotlight. Wong and Madisynn need to unite, and it needs to happen soon. Meanwhile, fans are also happy the six-episode structure won’t be put upon Rhodey following mixed success so far with the Disney Plus originals.

Armor Wars is set to debut in cinemas sometime in 2024.

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